Stronger for Longer with Totum Sport

Want to improve your training?

Tweaking your pre-exercise nutrition can help you do just that!

Our diet plays a huge role in your abilities during exercise. How you nourish and feed your body before exercise enables us to fuel and hydrate so that we can extract the most from our training sessions to sustain quality and intensity for longer. Helping us to reach our personal goals and avoid low energy and fatigue during training.

Pre-exercise nutrition and hydration will improve speed, concentration and focus so that you reach your goals. It is more important than ever to fuel your body with the essential minerals to keep your body fuelled for maximum performance and stay ahead of the rest.

Although sports drinks and energy bars seem like they enhance performance, some of them can have up to 12 tsp of sugar. The high sugar content may lead to dehydration that can actually impair performance and cognition. Totum Sport has 0 grams of carbohydrates and sugars and helping the cells to retain more water, making it the ideal performance supplement for everyone.


Keeping our bodies hydrated is key to optimising performance. As little as 2% dehydration can reduce your performance by as much as 20%!

Trying to rehydrate with only water can slow digestion and lead to an imbalance of electrolytes, cramping and low blood sodium (hyponatremia). Intracellular electrolytes enable the cells to absorb and retain water, helping to prevent dehydration and hyponatremia.

A single serving of Totum Sport has a volume that has been chosen because it contains the equivalent amount of minerals and trace elements used up in one hour of exercise.  Hydrating your body with Totum Sport ensures that the electrolytes are replaced that are lost though sweat.

Only Totum Sport provides all 78 naturally occurring electrolytes, ensuring complete hydration, right down to the cellular level.

Fuelling your cells 

Your diet prior to exercise may differ to your friend and change based on what exercises your doing. It is important to ensure that the diet that you adopt will provide you with sustained energy. This means that your meal should include carbohydrates, as these are the body’s main source of energy. It is also important that you consume foods that you know you are comfortable with to avoid cramps so that you don’t suffer from cramp or unwanted stomach issues during training.

You should eat roughly 2-4 hours prior to exercise to prevent gut and digestion issues. A small snack should be consumed an hour before exercising if energy levels are low.

Totum Sport will aid your performance, as the synergy of minerals and electrolytes will enhance the absorption and utilisation of macro-nutrients from your pre-exercise meal. This will also help stabilise blood sugar levels and prevent spikes in energy.

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