5 signs that you're dehydrated

5 signs that you’re dehydrated

1 – Thirst – By the time you are thirsty you are already dehydrated, equivalent to a water loss if 2% body weight. Studies show that a 2% loss in body weight from thirst results in a 10% loss in performance. If dehydration isn’t addressed at this stage, then the reduction in performance becomes greater.

2 – Fatigue and Confusion – Mild levels of dehydration can affect your mood and cognitive functions. If you notice a reduction in mental alertness and concentration, hydrating with water and minerals aids the brain and may help alleviate these symptoms.  Low glucose levels lead to poor concentration, slowed reaction times, reduction in judgement and reduced depth and field of vision.

3 – Totum Sport regulates glucose and oxygen delivery, maximising the glucose supply to the brain and nerves that support the ability to judge distance and peripheral vision.

4 – Urine Colour – Are you finding that you’re not using the toilet as regular as usual? If your urine is a pale yellow colour this signifies that you are hydrated. Dark coloured urine can often be a sign of dehydration however certain foods such as beetroot may affect urine colour so this is not always the best indicator.

5 – Cramps – One of the major problems amongst athletes is muscle cramps. Muscle cramps can have a massive impact on performance. At just 4% dehydration cramps, fatigue and reduced mental capacity become a serious problem. If you’re suffering from muscle cramps it could indicate dehydration and a drop in blood sodium. Totum Sport prevents the drop in blood sodium that contributes to cramp and increased muscle injuries. Totum Sport reduces the build-up of lactic acid by 46%, which helps prevent muscle fatigue and cramp.

Rise in body heat temperature/Fever – This is a serious sign of dehydration. At just 5% dehydration severe exhaustion occurs which will stop most athletes, pushing past this level of dehydration will result in collapse.

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